Customise your Sales Training Program by choosing from the following modules.

Module 1

Understanding the Selling Process

  • How Markets Evolve?
  • How Sales and Marketing have evolved?
  • The Role of Sales & Marketing in business

Module 2

How Sales Superstars Handle Different Customer Types

  • Customer Types
  • Characteristics
  • Strategies for Handling Different Types

Module 3

How Sales Superstars Plan a Sales Day

  • Importance of Selling Time
  • Tools for Effective Time Management
  • Planning a Work Day

Module 4

Interpersonal Skills for Sales Superstars

  • How people respond
  • PAC Model
  • Transactional Analysis

Module 5

Sales Etiquette for Sales Superstars

  • Introducing Oneself
  • Impressive Handshake
  • Dress & Grooming

Module 6

Effective Writing Skills for Sales Superstars

  • Pyramid Method
  • Effective Email
  • Dynamic Sales Communication

Module 7

Creating Stunning Presentations for Sales Superstars

  • Making a Powerpoint
  • Layout, colours, typography
  • Visuals, graphics

Module 8

Delivering Stunning Presentations for Sales Superstars

  • Elements of good speech
  • Handling the audience
  • Equipment and location

Module 9

Building Super Sales Teams

  • Stages in Team Building
  • Working together
  • Achieving team goals

Module 10

Structuring a Sales Call for Sales Superstars

  • Introduction
  • Delivering the Sales Message
  • Handling questions

Module 11

Sales Training for Sales Superstars

  • Sales Training Objectives
  • Methods and techniques
  • Training Evaluation

Module 12

Negotiation Skills for Sales Superstars

  • Types of Negotiations
  • Strategies

Module 13

Leadership skills for Sales Superstars

  • Leadership Styles
  • Characteristics
  • Portrait of a Leader

Module 14

Stress Management for Sales Superstars

  • Understanding Stress
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Nutrition and Fitness

Module 15

Dining Etiquette for Sales Superstars

  • Table Layout
  • Using cutlery
  • Wine and table manners

Module 16

Report Writing for Sales Superstars

  • Types of Reports
  • Report Design
  • Data Mining and Monitoring

Module 17

Goal Setting for Sales Superstars

  • Setting Goals
  • Cryptodynamics
  • Action Plan

Module 18

Service Marketing for Sales Superstars

  • Nature of Product
  • Moment of Truth
  • Service Marketing Mix

Module 19

Channel Management for Sales Superstars

  • Channel Structures
  • Managing Credit
  • Getting Channel Buy-in

Module 20

Advertising Management for Sales Superstars

  • Planning the Ad Campaign
  • Media Planning
  • Positioning Brand

Module 21

Telephone Etiquette for Sales Superstars

  • Tele Marketing
  • Phone Etiquette
  • Structuring a Sales Call

Module 22

Credit control for Sales Superstars

  • Utility of Credit
  • Risk versus cost
  • Techniques to control credit

Module 23

Conflict Management for Sales Superstars

  • Conflict Management Styles
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Conflict resolution

Module 24

Closing a Sales Deal by Sales Superstars

  • Importance of Closing
  • 9 Closing Techniques
  • Handling Objections

Module 25

Opening a Sales Call by Sales Superstars

  • Opening styles
  • Duration of opening
  • Cutting to the Sales pitch

Module 26

Lead Generation by Sales Superstars

  • Data Mining
  • Identifying prospects
  • Generating the lead

Module 27

Preparing for a Sales Call

  • Company Research
  • Product Research
  • Person Research

Module 28

Handling Objections by Sales Superstars

  • Looking beyond the objection
  • 9 Objection Handling methods
  • Transition from objection to sale

Module 29

Technical Selling by Sales Superstars

  • Problem identification
  • Role of solution provider
  • Presenting the product

Module 30

Selecting Sales Superstars

  • Sourcing talent
  • Interview techniques
  • Making the offer

Module 31

Retaining Sales Superstars

  • Identifying prime motivators
  • Keeping the team energized
  • Designing the reward

Module 32

Pricing Strategies for Sales Superstars

  • Types of pricing strategies
  • Selecting a suitable price
  • Selling the price

Training Information:

You may choose as many modules as you require.

Each training day will cover 4 modules.

Training investment will be Rs. 2000 per person per training day.

Travel, boarding and lodging costs will be extra at actuals.

Service tax will be charged as applicable.

50% payment against booking balance against completion of training.

Formal estimate will be sent on receipt of your response form.

Trainer's Profile:

Prof. Hansel DSouza has been teaching the MBA program for nearly two decades. He has been a Visiting Faculty at JBIMS, SP Jain Singapore, Dubai and numerous other prestigious institutions. He has been a Corporate Trainer for the last 15 years and specializes in Sales, Marketing and Behavioural skills. His rich experience has been garnered from having built over 30 brands as a Brand Consultant, Marketing Consultant to the American Soybean Association and other corporate assignments. He trains regularly for Reliance, TATA, Adani, Godrej and other top corporates.

Academically, Prof. DSouza holds a First Class Master's Degree in Management (JBIMS), a gold medal in Mass Communications (Bombay College of Journalism) and others. He is a Certified MBTI practitioner and has been trained in NLP and other allied fields.

Most importantly, he has enthralled audiences in different countries with his seminars, lectures and workshops. Besides being a popular keynote speaker, he holds the distinction of having conducted over 1000 speaking assignments covering more than 30,000 participants.

Contact Information:

Aquila Center for Corporate Skills

177 A, Veer Savarkar Marg,
Mahim (W),
Mumbai - 400016

Email :

Phone : 022-24456131

Mob. : 9820748286