A hands-on 2 Day Learning Experience
Ideal for Executives Across Functions

Become an effective negotiator by learning strategies for analysis and preparing tactics for Negotiations. The workshop provides an extensive set of negotiation experiences, practice your skills including

  • Simulations
  • Case Studies
  • Videos
  • Real life examples

Program Benefits

  • Achieve better results in both formal and informal negotiations
  • Build confidence in your bargaining power and abilities
  • Build positive, productive relationships with all parties at the table
  • Create value and produce win-win outcome

Topics Covered

  • Understanding interests, priorities, and goals of all parties
  • Learn to claim value within the ZOPA
  • Dealing with irrational people that challenge relationships
  • Ask the right questions
  • Framing
  • Transforming competition into cooperation—and opponents into partners
  • Negotiate within BATNA in mind
  • Understand your Reservation Value